Meet Ms. Asia Martin

Dance Instructor at Frederick Douglass High School


Educational Background

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, Alabama State University, May 2017

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As a dance educator, my goals are to engage students through immersion in the arts, to create informed art consumers, and to prepare students to become productive, healthy, and informed self-starters that contribute their best selves to their communities every day.  

I am committed to creating a safe, nurturing space for each student to learn and grow by promoting mutual respect and accountability for teachers and students and by listening while leading. I believe that students respond better to educators who care for the student above all else. While I will always firmly attest to the value of the material we will unpack through the curriculum, my student’s mental/physical health and well-being is equally significant. It is my joy to be able to share my love of dance with students while simultaneously giving them rudimentary life skills that they will carry with them beyond my classroom! 

Dancing Hands

Grading Weights

Homework - 5% 
Summative Assessments - 20% 
Classwork/Quizzes - 35% 
Performance Tasks/Class Participation - 20% 
Cumulative Final Exam/Project - 20%


Modern Dance Syllabus


Upcoming Major Projects

End-of-Year Final Project 

“Student Choreography Showcase” 

In groups of 3-4, students will learn and create choreography utilizing terminology, exercises, and skills acquired during the semester. The culminating project will be presented during the virtual showcase for the semester (Fall/Spring).

Empty Chairs in Lecture Room

Google Classroom Codes

  • Modern Dance (2nd Block): 5mamxl4 

  • Modern Dance (3rd Block): qdiocqx 

  • Modern Dance (4th Block): ygvsqmv 


(530) 487-1616

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